Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Matinee at the Movies

Sunday I had the privilege of attending the symphony with three friends.  It was a matinee at the movies, so the Peoria Symphony Orchestra played selections from a myriad of movies.  I got to hear music from some of my favorite movies and some classics: Gone With the Wind, The Sound of Music, Love Story, Casablanca, Star Wars, Superman, Batman, etc.  It was a great time.  Before the show, they had a kid friendly event where you could get your face painted, eat popcorn and Dip n Dots, and get your picture taken with lots of great movie characters.  At first we were a little timid because we are four adult women wanting to get our picture taken with these characters, but we overcame our trepidation and had lots of fun!
Our first picture was with Chewbacca.
The superhero picture was my favorite.  The actors were great and got into character.  Batman was my favorite.  He even had the deep gravelly voice.  When Kari handed over her camera to someone to take the picture, Batman said, "You should never give your camera to a stranger."  And Captain America said, "Don't worry, if they run off with it, we'll get it back for you."
A host of Star Wars characters.
And up close and personal with Darth Vader.

The whole event was really fun and something different to do on a Sunday afternoon than what I typically do.

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