Friday, January 24, 2014

Not going to win any popularity points

Let me just say three things before everyone starts throwing things at me!
1. I like winter.
2. I don't have kids that I have to keep cooped up in a house.
3. I am not an outdoorsy person.

So, I've seen this floating around Facebook A LOT the last two days:
The first time I saw it, I commented on it.  My comment was something like this: "Ummm...that would be me.  I'll be sure to take some self-defense classes before summer."

I KNOW it's cold outside.  But it is winter.  And you do live in a place that generally gets cold.  So you can't really expect 50 degree weather right now.  Now, here's where I might complain (most of you are going to roll your eyes) (and the rest of you are going to look back to make sure you read the next sentence right): when it gets below zero at night, I have to stop sleeping with my window open and then I don't sleep as well because my room is too hot.  Anything above zero, my window is usually open (unless it freezes shut, which is also frustrating), and my room will sit somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees.  A few times I've woken to it being 48 or 49 and that is a little too cold, even for me.

So, I'll let you guys complain about the cold because I'll be the first person to complain the first day the temperature reaches the 90s.  We will never understand each other, but I still love you guys! :)

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