Saturday, January 4, 2014


I tried really hard to narrow these pictures down, but Michael was being so cute and John so serious, that I couldn't help but include them all (I was selective, I just took a ton of pictures)!
I think this is John's third or fourth year making kolaches, so he can almost do it without help!  Michael, of course, wants to do anything that John does.  John took the first shift in rolling and cutting the cookies.
Michael "helped" Grandma thumbprint the cookies.
He also "helped" put jelly in them.  He had to be watched pretty carefully or he would wad up the cookies, throw them across the room, or put jelly wherever he felt like it needed to go.
Playing in the dough.
John's favorite flavor is apricot.  He's sampling some jelly now! :)
Love that serious face.
Toddler fingers in the dough.
Serious Michael.  But you can't take him too seriously with that flour on his nose!
Silly Michael.
Concentrating John.  If you look closely, his tongue is sticking out!
Not sure what he is thinking, but I often wish I could get inside his head.
Talking to Grandma.  And wrapping her around his little fingers.
Michael's turn to roll and cut.
"Needed" more flour.
This tray is finished and ready for the oven!
Again, you needed to watch him closely and Grandma needed to help him cut the circles.
"Grandma, I don't need your help!"
"I can do it all by myself."  PS.  Isn't it fun that they used a turtle cup to cut the cookies!
Flour baby.
And a flour dog. :)  She hung out under the table.  Ann got a great picture of her with her tongue sticking out.  I'll have to get if from her so that I can show you how funny it is.

As usual, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

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