Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brain Fart # 7,653

Okay, if I were really counting, it is probably really in the millions, but you get the drift.  I rate this up there with forgetting the PIN to my ATM card.  Today I was driving to see a client and was approaching a red light.  All of a sudden I had to SLAM on my breaks, because even though I saw the red light it did not register that I was supposed to stop! Luckily it registered before I completely drove through the stop light.  Luckily, if I had driven through the red light, there were no cars coming from the left or right.  Luckily, my brain works most of the time.  Since when do I see a red light and just think, "La di da, there's a red light, La di da."  And not think, "Hey, red means stop.  I should stop."  Hello, Brain, where were you?!

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