Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maybe I am technology savvy

I got home from work tonight and got on the computer to check my email only to discover the Internet connection was not working.  Boo.  Hiss.  I tried the normal disconnecting the cord from the modem trick...three times.  No such luck.  So I broke down and called the 800 number.  Not my favorite thing to do because I normally cannot answer the basic questions.  I mean, past the idea that I pay for Internet, I'm pretty clueless.  For instance, "Is your modem plugged into a splitter?"  I dunno.  I was convinced it wasn't.  I was wrong.  After chasing the wire, not to the wall, but to a splitter, I admitted my error.  The guy's solution: It must be a faulty splitter.  I was showing a week signal but I was offline.  "Try hooking the wire directly into the wall", he says.  "Temporarily?"  I ask (since we get our TV reception from that same jack, I was a little disgruntled.  But I tried it.  Unplugged the modem again.  I could see the computer searching for Internet.  And then, the magic five bars with no exclamation mark.  "I think it's working" I tell him as I click on the Internet icon.  "No, you're still offline," he says.  "Ummm...but I'm looking at a website right now."  "Are you sure?" he asks.  Really?  I may not be technology savvy, but even I know when a website is staring me in the face.  "Yep.  I'm pretty sure.  I can even access other websites."  "Hmmm...I must be looking at the wrong apartment number because I'm still showing you offline."  :)  Well, thanks? with a little bit of a question at the end.  After I hung up, I decided to take a gamble that my splitter was working just fine.  And guess what?  I was right.  But my Internet is working and that is all that matters.  And I feel a little bit smarter!

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