Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mobile Church and the return home.

It's Sunday, so I missed church this morning. But I remembered before I left that I was going to miss church, so I packed my Bible on CD with all the other "things to entertain me in the car on a road trip."   I started the trip just continuing to listen to my book on tape (heehee...I just realized that technically I should call it a book on CD, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it).  I knew from the trip to the wedding that I would eventually get bored with this, so I decided to "do church" partway through my journey.
I began by listening to a few songs on my iPod.  Fairest Lord Jesus, Before the Throne of God, and Refine Me.
I'm going to be starting a Bible study on 1 John this summer, so I thought I would start by listening to that.  Then I listened to Philippians because Pastor Ritch is going to start a sermon series on that book soon.  Then I listened to some more music for awhile before returning to my book on CD tape.

Here are some other random pictures from my trip home:
I could see my reflection in this truck and it just struck me as funny.
A farmer in a field.  So classic rural Illinois.
Yellow flowers in a field.
This is a horrible picture, but I still wanted to include it.  It was a purple old-timey car pulling a mini purple old-timey car.  I was disappointed that this picture didn't turn out.  That's the hazard of taking pictures while you're driving.  And I'm sure it's the only hazard.
The end is in sight!  First sign for Peoria.  Technically I still had about 45 minutes to go, but it was still good to see home on a sign.

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