Friday, May 17, 2013


Apparently, I am in a picture-taking mood. I decided this week that I need to document more of my everyday life, with actual pictures of myself. So here is day two (don't worry, this will not become an every day thing, it just happens that I have been with friends two days in a row).  Tonight, Emily, Ellen, and I went to see The Mikado, a Gilbert and Sullivan production by a homeschool co-op.  This is the fourth year I have gone to the co-op's production.  Several of the high schoolers from my church perform, and it has always been a good experience.  Here are Emily, Ellen, and I:
And here are some of the pictures from the production.
The play is set in Japan, so costumes were fun.
Character names included names such as Yum-Yum, Nanki-Poo, Pitti-Sing, and Peep-Bo, to name a few.  This is probably one of the funniest performances I have seen and you could tell that the kids were having a lot of fun playing their parts.
I love this picture of Madison, above.  She is always animated and fun to watch.
Collin, below, is also fun to watch. His character was really funny and even better because I know the person playing the character.

And then, afterward, we got to meet the famous people! :)  Here is Emily with Katie and Molly.  Molly is normally a redhead, so we were amazed at this transformation!
And here I am with Madison.  I loved her costume.  This is Madison's last year in the co-op since she is graduating and leaving us (cue sad, pathetic voice from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, "Why you want to leave me..."  One of my favorite lines!)
Another great production everyone!

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