Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Family (wedding part 3)

During the reception, we gathered the WHOLE family for pictures. It was a little bit of organized chaos with a lot of laughter. The motto: Just keep smiling and don't move until someone tells you to because you never know when all the cameras have been used. I'm sure there are better pictures floating around out there of this family event (some people have much better cameras than I do) but this is what I've got for now.
Ann said she wanted a picture with her favorite sister-in-law and I didn't move right away.  I don't get called sister-in-law very often! 
The girl cousins.  I LOVE this picture.  We have a picture from one of my cousin's graduation parties and Michele and I thought it would be fun to take another one.  Meg was game for smiling in yet another picture!
Mom and all her siblings.  I have a picture of them when they are young.  I'll have to do a side-by-side sometime.
All the cousins.  I really should have worn heels for this wedding instead of flip flops.  But I was comfortable.  And someone has to be the shortest. Oh, wait...that still would have been me, heels or not!
The whole family.  Notice that the bride's arm is around her cousin Jake, not her new husband.  Luckily, the people orchestrating the posing finally noticed and rearranged.  Also notice Michael standing in the chair with his feet crossed at the cute.
There you her arm is around her husband! :)  I can't remember the last time we were all together in one place.
Aunt Teresa had to make sure Ann's hair was just right before her picture with Chris.
Perfect, except she couldn't stop laughing at all the funny comments being made!
Aunt Teresa and her boys.  Again, at some point in time they were so little!
Super self-portrait fail!  Father of the bride and my eye and nose.  I forgot that I had zoomed in to take a picture. :)
Aunt Tricia and Michele looking oh-so-pretty! :)
And then we got camera crazy and started just taking random pictures.  Wally wanted a picture with his nieces (that would be me and Michele) but Aunt Teresa jumped into the picture too. 

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