Friday, May 10, 2013

Context Clues

I went to Barnes & Noble after work today and was in the kids section just browsing books.  I was pretty focused on what I was doing, when I heard someone say, "Hi!  It's a little weird sometimes trying to place people outside of the context that you normally see them in."  As I'm looking at the woman, I'm still trying to place her out of context :).  Luckily it clicked just before I had to say, "Where do I know you from?"  She is the secretary at one of the school's I see a client in, so I see her every week when I go into the school.  She was telling me that for Mother's Day she usually goes to Fired Up with her daughter.  But this year, she just wanted to be able to go to Barnes & Noble and browse without having anywhere to be. So her daughter came with her, bought her a coffee, took the car keys, and said, "Call me when you're ready to go home."  My first thought was, "I want to be friends with this lady!" :)  I mean, I always  knew I liked her at the school because she is very personable, remembers what I am there for, and is always smiling and pleasant.  But a woman who just likes to go to a bookstore to look around.  I could be friends with someone like that.

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