Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday evening joys

Friday was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in sight. A little cool. Just the way I like it. I talked Emily into going to Coney's for dinner. We texted a few people to join us, but no one was available on such short notice. One of my friends asked if we eat there a lot. I laughed because we really don't. Just a handful of times in the summer last year. And I've never actually eaten a meal there. But I was in the mood for a cheap hot dog (I ended up getting corn dog bites) followed up with ice cream. It was a great evening. Then one of our friends came over after she got off of work. We had some great conversation and then played Dominoes. It reminded me of many nights in seminary when I would play with friends. I haven't played in years and forgot how much fun it is to play. And dominoes are fun to take pictures of too, so here is a catalog of some of the evening:

Now, off to finish getting ready to head to a wedding extravaganza!  Pictures of that will come soon, I'm sure.  I bet you can't wait!

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