Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random Sunday Fun

Today I was at church most of the day. Early service, Sunday school, nursery during second service, and then helping in the kitchen during a lunch. When I got home, I all of a sudden got really tired. So I took a little siesta. And it was a good siesta. Maybe 30 minutes, but I think I actually slept (those of you who know me well will understand the significance of this). Kim invited Emily and I over to walk and go to Dairy Queen, so I headed over there at 6. It was a beautiful night for a walk. And what night isn't beautiful for ice cream. After we got our ice cream, we headed back to Kim's house to enjoy our treat. We had a great time of talking about life and girl stuff. And then we decided to do something random but fun.
We gathered around the computer to watch some random scenes from NCIS: LA and then we watched the season finale together.  Even though we had already all watched it.  And we talked about the characters as if we know them.  And we speculated about what is going to happen to characters next season.  Anyone who says that watching TV/movies is the least social thing you can do, doesn't know me very well!  It was good to just be silly (although some of our conversation was serious.  I mean, we practically solved the world's problems before we watched NCIS: LA.  Okay, just kidding, but we did have some serious conversations).  A great end to a relaxing weekend.

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Erika said...

you have all the fun