Friday, March 11, 2011


With the paying off of my car (still super exciting) came the milestone event yesterday of passing the 80,000 mile mark. I enjoy watching the round numbers pass on the speedometer and I even took a picture with my cell phone. I mean, at this point, they only come around every 10,000 miles. That's only 1.8 times a year for me. So I got really excited as I watched it and than a little depressed after it passed. I just paid off the car and it has 80,000 miles. What if it starts having problems? What if it doesn't last as long as most Honda's do? What if I have to start paying off another car sooner than I want to? These were the worrisome thoughts that ran through my head. But than I just pushed the little button that makes the speedometer change to oil level or something and started singing to the radio. I guess at that moment I decided, out of sight, out of mind :). Sometimes it works!


Mom said...

I hope your car lasts as long as you want it to. Remember, my Honda will be 15 yrs old this September.

Ann said...

I hope your car lasts as long as my Toyota. 250,000 miles so far! I am praying it lasts a LOT longer though bc we can't aford a second car payment! I keep the odometer on the "trip A" setting bc I can't bear to look at the mileage.