Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little randomness goes a long way

To continue the discussion of "wet" food, I discovered tonight that I don't mind the smell of syrup as it is getting rinsed from the cup (I heat it up for my waffles).

Client story of the day: Yesterday I finally made contact with a new family I have been trying to set up an initial appointment with for two weeks. The mom was less than cordial. I like to use the word antagonistic. When I told her I would be meeting with her two kids individually, she told me that "that is not we agreed to." Apparently she had agreed to family therapy revolving around a third son who is placed residentially. I told her that, per our program, I could not work with the son who is placed residentially. In my most diplomatic voice, I explained that the other two siblings were effected by the behavior of the son and that it would be beneficial for me to meet with them individually so that they can talk about that effect. Somewhat awkward pause. Then in a perfectly calm voice the mom says "Ohhh, I agree. They do need that." Ummm...what happened to antagonistic? My first thought was, "wow, she's going to be fun to work with!" We scheduled for today at 2:45 so I could meet both kids and complete opening paperwork.

Fast forward to today. I got back early afternoon from an appointment and had a message. I checked the message. It was from the mom. The gist was that the daughter was sick. They had been passing the bug around and mom did not want me to get sick (awww...how nice!). My favorite statement, that made me laugh out loud, and is the point of the last two paragraphs, was (and remember mom hasn't met me yet), "Because you're going to be our therapist. And your a nice lady. So I don't want you to get sick." Again, I laughed out loud, called her back and rescheduled for next week!

Last bit of randomness...I was doing one of my exercise tapes tonight and again I laughed out loud. The instructor kept telling me to "Control your smile." I mean, really. Does he not realize that I never smile while I'm exercising? :)


Ann said...

"Wet" syrup. :)

Yeah, somehow I agree that smiling is not an issue when exercising!

Anonymous said...

Smile while exercise? Lucky people remember to breathe!