Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plays, Plays, and more Plays

I was able to see two plays in two weeks. Don't I feel cultured! :) Last week, of course, was Les Miserables. Last night I went to a high school production of Phantom of the Opera. It was apparently the state debut. No other high school in Illinois has attempted it. I was very impressed with the vocal abilities of the high schoolers. It was definitely worth the time to go. Kari and I went and ended up sitting with some of the high schoolers from church. Madison talked up her play, Gondoliers, which isn't until May. The theater group she is a part of did Pirates of Penzance last year, so I am excited to see what they do this year. It made me think of the high school productions I went to when I was in high school. I remember our school doing Fiddler on the Roof (which I loved) and Nunsense (which was hysterical). Those are the two I remember the most.

I would love to see a Broadway production of Phantom. I've only seen the movie, which I own, but I can just imagine what it would be like to see it on stage.

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Ann said...

I am not really a big fan of musicals/plays but I saw Phantom on Broadway in NYC and it was incredible! Also, are you sure your friend said 'Pirates of Penzance' or did she say "She liked it so much she almost peed in her pants."? (I hope you get the reference so you don't think I need a checkup from the neck up.) :)

PS My word verification was "curginee"...sounds like what a southern doctor would say after curing your knee problem. :)