Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Tidbits and A Couple Funny Conversations

I'm eating peanut butter and crackers for dinner tonight. Yummy. :) I finished up a jar of peanut butter and got a new jar out to open and I realized how much I love being the first to use something. You would think, being single and buying my own groceries, that this would not bring me joy, because I am the only one who uses my food so logic would say that I should always be the one to use something first. But being the first to plunge the knife into the new peanut butter is...hmmm, I'm not really sure what word I want to put there. But it's the same for a tub of butter, or a thing of jelly, or a tub of cool whip, or ice cream. Anyway, call me crazy, but I do enjoy it.

Yesterday I had a couple funny conversations. The first I'll tell you about was with Danell. Now, Danell and I have been friends for a long time and we have very similar personalities. If we are around each other long enough we start talking like each other. We're both very witty people (I think I'm allowed to say this. If you don't agree, you can let me know!) But Danell is just a little quicker with her comebacks than I am. Okay, I think that sets the stage nicely for this conversation. We were talking on the phone last night and discussing that we are always on each other's side in a discussion. She told me that her husband was kind of shocked by this. And he questioned the "always."
Ken: You're ALWAYS on her side?
Danell: Yes.
Ken: What if she went on a serial killing spree?
Danell: I'm sure she had her reasons.

Oh my, it still makes me laugh just typing it. She than went on to tell me that she was sad that I was not there for the original conversation. She said that she felt like she was having a kindred moment with me but I wasn't there to enjoy it! I love her SO much! :)

The second conversation happened at work yesterday. The bug man came to work yesterday and Jenna (my coworker) and I were sitting at our computers plugging away at paperwork. Jenna asked the bug man if she should move the things from under her desk (our computers are not at our desks) and he said that would be great. As she started to move to do this he said, "Of course, I don't spray under your desk, but feel free to move everything." Jenna looked at him and he started laughing and said, "I'm just kidding. That would be helpful." He than asked if we had seen any specific bugs. Jenna looked me and said, "Have you seen any crickets?" I wasn't sure how to answer this at first and than I started laughing, stating "He said specific, not crickets!" We like our bug man. He is always pretty amusing!

I hope those made you laugh. If not, you should ask me to tell them to you in person. Sometimes I think I'm a better story teller in person than I am on paper.


Ann said...

LOL! I laughed out loud over "I'm sure she had her reasons."

PS My word verification was "Snessea". Doesn't that sound like a cousin of the Loch Ness monster?

Mom said...

You are so funny! You make me laugh. Thanks for this post...I really needed it!