Monday, March 7, 2011

Are we going green, or not

I love me a good oxymoron. It makes me laugh how all the credit card companies are encouraging me to go paperless (which I have not done because I like the physical reminder that I owe them money). Many credit card companies are beginning to charge you a fee for continuing to receive the paper copy of your bill. And yet I get at least five credit card applications in the mail per week. Two just today. And I think I get at least two from the same company each week. about saving those trees, considering I just tear them up and throw them away without opening them. And I get frustrated every time I see them in the mailbox. Just sayin'!


Anonymous said...

Word! Write on the credit forms "remove me from your list" and mail back in the return envelope. I did this and finally got off citibank's list. They preprint mailings so I got a few more in the mail, but no more! Woo hoo!


Mom said...

How about all the catalogs you get when you order something from a website? Too much junk mail comes to my house! I am so in agreement with you! Love you!

Ann said...

Another thought is to use the pre-paid envelope every time you get a credit card solicitation and just mail the blank application back to them. Not very green, but it makes them pay for the postage for nothing.