Friday, March 25, 2011


One thing I love about being single is that I still get to go on weekend retreats. You would think that when I reached the age of 30, I would have passed the age where I would enjoy getting little sleep and spending time with a lot of other people for a whole weekend. But I haven't. Well, the no sleep thing has become more of an issue, but I can push through it for a weekend.

I'm heading to Lake Geneva this weekend with about 40 other people for fun, fellowship, worship, some good sessions, and games. I am praying it is a weekend of focused worship for me and those who are attending. One of our missionary families is home on furlough and are speaking for the weekend. I am very excited to hear what God will say through Josh. I am also praying for some focused fellowship time with those going on the retreat. I have felt slightly disconnected from the class and am hoping this will bring me back to a place where I feel like we are growing as a class and I am an active part of that.

So, basically, I am also saying, Adios blogworld for the weekend! :)

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