Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lazy Saturdays/ Scripture Saturday

I love not having to be anywhere on a Saturday morning. I love it for several reasons.

1. I can sleep until I wake up. Granted, more often than not these days, I would like to sleep longer than I do, but I am grateful when I wake up feeling rested.

2. I can make my own schedule. I can do things in whatever order I want to do them in.

3. I can spend more leisurely time in the Word. During the week, I schedule in time in the morning to spend with the Lord, but it is a pretty set amount of time and often feels rushed. Or I'm tired. Today was one of those days where I didn't have to look at the clock. I was able to spend some extra time in prayer. I was able to spend some extra time in the Word. Than, when I got done exercising and taking a shower, I was able to spend some time reading the nonfiction book on my list right now.

Today's question of the ten in the book was very fitting to this relaxed, yet focused time with the Lord: Are the spiritual disciplines increasingly important to you? One quote really struck me from the book. It was under a section titled "resist the temptation to believe in microwave spirituality or shortcut Christlikeness." Here's what the author had to say:

Faster Internet connections do not make us like Jesus more quickly. Theologian R.C. Sproul emphasized, "there are no quick and easy paths to spiritual maturity. The soul that seeks a deeper level of maturity must be prepared for a long, arduous task. If we are to seek the kingdom of God, we must abandon any formulae that promise instant spiritual gratification."

Definitely something for me to think about as I move to the next thing I need to accomplish today.

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