Thursday, March 17, 2011

You know you watch too much NCIS when...

This story may only be funny to me. I think Emily laughed, but I'm not sure.

We had just finished watching an episode of NCIS last night and were chatting because neither of us had the energy to get up and actually go to bed. We were discussing my previous post about my work anniversary. She asked me if anyone has worked in my program longer. I told her that besides Faye, who is my supervisor, I had been there the longest. Than I said, "I guess that makes me the lead agent." :) Because I had just watched NCIS. And I work in a program called FBI. Okay, not so funny when translated on paper. It was funny at the time. Than we discussed how that must make Faye like Gibbs, except not at all (Faye's personality is the exact opposite of Gibbs, but in the analogy her position would be the same). We have a new person starting in the program in April, so she got assigned the title of "Probie."

And than I found ten dollars.

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