Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feeling naked without my seat belt

On the way into my apartment complex this evening, I stopped to pay rent. So I had to get out of the car. From the office, I have to drive down a hill, around a turn and then park in front of my building. I decided that I did not need to wear my seat belt for this. But I felt naked the whole time. It just doesn't feel right when I don't buckle it right away. When I lived in Georgia, the driveway was really long and the mailbox was at the road. So, I would pull up to the mailbox to get the mail before driving down the driveway. But, being short, I also would have to unbuckle my seat belt to get the mail. 99.4% of the time, I would buckle my seat belt to drive down the driveway. It just felt better that way. Am I crazy, or do others feel that way too?


Mom said...

I drove from the office to my garage today also without my seat belt. Felt the same way. Felt like something was wrong. Love your blog and love you!
Going tomorrow to the doctor for my hip. It hasn't gotten any better.

Kat said...

No... I feel that way too. Even if I just move my car to the other side of the driveway or something. I NEED that seatbelt. I think we're the sane ones!
PS This is me unlurking- sorry I missed the post about not feeling like anyone is reading, because I def. do!