Sunday, March 13, 2011

The power of suggestion

Daylight Savings Time. It is such a dramatic day to people. But I have found, in my life, that the power of suggestion makes it a little less traumatic for me (and not having children!). I was at a friend's house last night, but as soon as I got home, I set my clocks ahead and began to get ready for bed. Once the clocks change, I believe the time they say. So, I instantly felt like it was 11:30 instead of 10:30 and quickly made my way to bed. The same is true if I forget to change a clock, though. When I got home from church today and was making my lunch I looked at a clock I had not changed and I thought, "Oh, wow, it's only 12:10!" Why I would have this thought, I'm not sure, because I never get home from church that early, but the fact that the clock said so, in that moment, made it true. Maybe I'm weird, I don't know. Well, I do know I'm weird, but I'm not sure if this particular issue makes me weird :).

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Mom said...

You are not weird, you are Teresa! I love that it will be light out later in the day now.