Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A blanket, ear muffs, a pair of gloves, and some long johns

A couple of weeks ago the boiler broke at work. It was warm enough last week that I thought it was fixed. But than the temperatures dropped this weekend. Enter Monday morning, the most glorious of days because I get to go back to work after those horrible weekends (hee hee, I promise there was no sarcasm in that sentence. Just ask Emily about the happy dance I did on Sunday to psyche myself up for Monday!). I entered the building and thought, Hmmm...it's kind of cold in here. Kind of? Understatement of the year. Most of you know that I am rarely ever cold. I wish I could take a picture of what my life at work has been like for the past two days. I seriously tried typing notes yesterday with gloves on but it just wasn't effective. But I did wear my coat most of the time I was at my desk.

Then today, I woke up to rain. And as I was getting ready for work, it was to thunder. I decided that since I wasn't going into any schools, I didn't want to have to dress up today (not that I really every dress up, but today I really didn't want to). So I wore a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie sweatshirt. And I FROZE all day. I sat with a space heater blowing on my feet. I made hot chocolate just so I could hold it in my hands. I wanted a blanket, and some ear muffs, and a pair of gloves, and some long johns.

I think even I'm ready for some warmer weather!

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Anonymous said...

Does that mean I can turn up the heat as high as I want?:)