Friday, April 22, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Lawnmowers

I know everyone will read this post first, but from my previous post, I stated that I thought of something to blog about and couldn't remember. Before I even made it out of bed, I remembered. It wasn't as profound as I remembered, but than, you have to realize that a)rarely, if ever, am I profound (okay, maybe this is just a lesson I have to remember) and b) I had a really long week at work and I was feeling a little loopy last night because I was so tired.

And now for the background story :)

When I moved into Dad and Amy's house several years ago, it was winter. When spring/summer came I quickly realized that a ceiling fan was great, but I was going to need a window fan to pull some cool air into my room. So, I bought one. It became my best friend. But it had one fall back at first. It was really loud. I debated for the first week whether I should return it and get something quieter. But I kept it. And soon, I had trouble sleeping without the sound of this fan. It ran sitting on the floor even in the winter time. Fast forward to last fall. My fan broke. So sad. It wasn't completely devastating (the lack of white noise) because I had added another fan to my room since moving into the apartment (no ceiling fans here). But I still went to the store to buy a fan. Little did I know that fans are seasonal. You can't buy fans at the beginning of winter in Illinois. Well, not with any great variety. You can only buy space heaters. I didn't need one of those. So I suffered (slight exaggeration) the whole winter with just one fan for noise.

But as soon as I could open my window at night again, I realized I missed my little fan that sat in the window. So I made the trip to the aisle where the space heaters were for the winter and I found my old fan sitting on the shelf. With a slight variation: "Quieter model." Hmmm...I liked my noisy fan. But I decided to give it a try.

For the last couple of weeks, I will wake up in the morning and think I hear a lawnmower or a prop plane off in the distance. I think it's slightly odd, but I get up to start my day. Than as I sit down to have my quiet time I turn off the little black fan and realize that it is producing the sound of a lawn mower in the distance. :) I wonder if that means the old fan sounded like a really close lawn mower?

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