Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet Little Cuddles and Big Cuddles

Almost 10 years ago, I worked at a Christian bookstore in Georgia. That spring, I bought Daynah a stuffed animal that I thought was cute. They came in two sizes. I bought her the bigger one. Than I decided I wanted one for myself, but we didn't have any more of the big ones and I couldn't order it, so I bought one of the little ones: Meet Little Cuddles. She's cute and cuddly. But mostly she has been decorative in my room. So, basically, she looks good as new. Daynah thinks this is a travesty. She thinks that I have not loved Little Cuddles enough. Neglected her by just sitting her in my room. You always want a stuffed animal you give to a child to be "the one." You know, the one they choose to make their special stuffed animal. Having younger siblings, I felt the same way. Thus, my plan was to give Daynah and Josh lots of stuffed animals, just to make my chances higher :). I lucked out with Daynah:
Meet Big Cuddles. Loved with a capital L. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the two Cuddles' together when Daynah was here in February, but I didn't. Where little Cuddles is white, big Cuddles is grayish in color. Where little Cuddles has fluffy fur, big Cuddles has lots of matted hair. Where little Cuddles has never had a bath, big Cuddles has been through the washer several times. I love that Daynah has a Cuddles in her life! :)

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Ann said...

Does Big Cuddles have a dislocated shoulder? :)