Friday, April 22, 2011

One of my favorite things

I have a friend that keeps an ongoing list of her favorite things. So this morning I would like to tell you about the favorite thing I am experiencing at this exact moment.

Lying in bed at 9:45, listening to the rain and a thunderstorm with my window cracked, snuggled under a blanket, knowing that I don't have anywhere I have to be at any point in time today if I don't want to go. No agenda. No work. Just a lot of nothing (okay, technically there is a lot that I could be doing, but I don't have to, which is the point). And I can handle a rainy day when I can stay inside and it is actually raining. I don't like cloudy days that don't ever produce any rain. But wait, this is about my favorite things. :)

After I type this I am going to do one of three things (because I can't help but keep a mental to-do list, even when I don't have an agenda).

1. Spend some time in the Word reading about events leading up to Christ's death on the cross. Reflecting on what that means for me and all that Christ did so that I could live for eternity with Him.
2. Finish the current fiction book I am reading. Possibly still snuggled under the covers, but maybe I'll move to the couch.
3. Take a shower. :) I don't drink coffee, so showers have always been my coffee. I'm not a very grumpy person in the morning but chances are better that you'll get a more coherent Teresa if you wait to talk to me until after my shower. And for some reason, my voice is a lot quieter in the morning, so sometimes you might have a harder time hearing me if you talk to me before my shower. I guess the shower clears out my vocal chords.

Because I have nothing planned for the next two days and because I have been super busy this last week, you can probably expect several blog posts from me over the weekend. I was composing something in my head as I was falling asleep last night. I thought about moving enough to write it down. But I didn't, and now I can't remember what it was. I'll try to come up with it, because I remember thinking it was a really good idea.

Alrighty then, off I go!

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Ann said...

What about brown paper packages tied up with string? :)