Monday, April 25, 2011

I have no idea why I am doing this

I have no idea what made me think of this particular college moment. Well, sort of I do. If you really want to hear my train of thought. I was thinking about the scene from NCIS that I posted on Facebook. And I realized that part of the reason I thought it was so funny is that it was a little over the top, kind of like a skit. Than I thought, skits. I remember the skits we used to do for Campus Crusade. Than I remembered, I was in one of those skits. Than I started remembering that I was a bully in the skit. Than I remembered that I had pictures from the skit. Than I went and got the album so that I could share the pictures with you.
I honestly don't know what the whole skit was about. I went to a college without a football team, so we were the "first GC&SU football team." I'm not really sure how/why I was the bully, but we all thought that it would be funniest for me to play the bully. Something about me being short, I think, but I could be wrong.

Just thought I'd share...

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