Thursday, April 28, 2011

On this, my 600th post...

I would like to take a moment to say...Actually I have nothing profound, but I thought, I don't get to these posts very often. You know, the ones that end in 00. :) I feel like it should be acknowledged. There has been a lot that has gone before #600. There will probably be a lot that comes after. I mean, maybe not important stuff or life changing stuff, but at least its stuff that keeps some people coming back for more. Okay, maybe most of them are family members who feel like they have to read. But still, they do read, so I have to keep writing. And that is why I am going to post #601, because I can divide things up and make it look like I write more than I do. And #601 is the real reason I got on here tonight. Sorry #600. You are only going to shine for about as long as it takes to type my next thoughts into another post. But you have been acknowledged. I mean, ask #432. It didn't get a special shout out.

Okay, I must now stop talking to my blog posts as if they can hear me! :)

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