Sunday, April 17, 2011


So, some people have told me I'm good at keeping secrets. I think it's an admirable trait to have. I don't know if I really am good at keeping secrets. Because the funny thing is, I process through talking, so it's really hard for me to keep things to myself. The key is to process with people who are removed from the secret.

I've been keeping a secret for about a month now. My dad was coming into town for the PCS auction, but they didn't want anyone from the school knowing. So, Dad told me I couldn't tell anyone. Yikes! So I told Danell. She's only met my dad once, she lives in Texas, and she certainly wouldn't tell anyone from PCS. I also told my roommate, because she CAN keep a secret. And I told Kari, who actually has TONS of ties to PCS, but can keep a secret. And I decided it would be too hard to keep this from her. And it turns out, there was a major church event that I would have had to give her an excuse not to help with, so I'm glad I told her.

It was good to have Dad in town. I got two free meals out of the deal today as he saw people he knew and would ask if I could come too! :) It was good to hear how things are going in Arizona. And it was good to spend some one-on-one time with him bcause I rarely ever get that (even when he lived here).

It was also good to hear how the boys are doing that they are parents to. I only spent about a day with the boys, but I feel like I know them a lot better than that, so it was good to hear stories about them. They have one new boy in the house that I haven't gotten to meet yet.

And I got to play Ticket to Ride with Dad! :) We were pretty evenly matched, I'd say. All in all, it was a good weekend!

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Ann said...

How nice! We were wondering who your mystery lunch date was. So glad you had a nice time. :)