Saturday, April 9, 2011

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

I am currently reading through the Little House on the Prairie books. I am really enjoying them. I just started the third book this morning before I dragged myself out of bed to start my day. I loved this series as a child, but am learning that I really don't remember much of the books, so it has been fun to experience them again as an adult. One thing I have enjoyed, that I forgot I liked as a child, is chapter titles. How come adult fiction books rarely ever title their chapters? Just numbers. One, Two, Three. School Days, Winter Evening, Winter Night. So much better. The title of this post is a chapter title from a book I remember reading as a child. I cannot remember the name of the book. And I don't even really remember what the book was about. But I remember that there was a chapter about one shoe dropping and than another chapter titled "Waiting for the other shoe to drop." Isn't it funny how certain things stick in your memory? I kind of wish I knew what the book was, because it makes me want to read it again! All that to say, I wish adult books had chapter titles! :)

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