Friday, April 15, 2011

June 3rd

You know you're a big fan of a certain television show when you here a date in real life and it reminds you about that show :). That has happened to me twice in the last two weeks. And when something happens twice, it is enough times that you should blog about it!

Last week I was listening to the radio while getting ready for work and they announced that a comedian was coming to town on June 3rd. I sat there for a few seconds thinking, "June 3rd. June 3rd. That sounds familiar. Do I have something going on that day?" Than it hit me, I smiled, put my makeup down, and ran for my phone. I texted Kinsey and said, "Is June 3rd the day that Luke and Lorelai were supposed to get married?" She texted me back with a quote from the show.

Than, today I was skimming my blog to see who had posted something new and I see the title "June 3rd." My first thought was again, "That was the day Lorelai and Luke were supposed to get married. Surely, that's not what Jill is blogging about." I clicked the link, only to find that Jill is not obsessed with Gilmore Girls like I am.

Apparently, things happen in real life on June 3rd as well. Like comedians coming to town and babies being born, just to name a few.


Jill (the blogger) said...

I made the blog! Thanks for the good laugh today. I have to say though, I do feel like my June 3rd far exceeds the importance of the other June 3rds :) But perhaps I can add "Gilmore girl wedding" to the list of great reasons to have picked that date for my daughter's birthday :)

Kat said...

Andrew and I got married on June 3rd... Clearly I didn't watch Gilmore Girls or that I probably wouldn't have wanted to get married on the 3rd... kind of sound like bad luck, but we're doing fine! ;)